Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bike Design II - Fluid Experience


This bicycle design is trying to challenge the imagination of the form, and create a new idea for the motion of the structure.
Design language of the bicycle is figured by natural form. Simplified body form which component with smooth shaped elements. The essence of this bicycle design is to create a sexy curve. It presents as soft as water and shows the strength and beauty at all different angles.
Non-spoke-wheel is the extension of the form concept. Eliminated the tedious supporting spokes and strengthen the rim structure, and extend the natural curve in two wheels to present the shape of light.
Introduction of green energy is an global trend in the design
Power generator is driven by pushing foot pedals which installed in the main axle, and produced power is stored in a battery for front, rear and side lamp lighting. The light system is not only a function for lighting, but it silhouettes the beauty of the body itself.


solidification of the fluid:
the form outlined in dynamic flow, presenting a perfect combination between natural beauty and industrial technology. 

to break the traditional concept of the bicycle structure, eliminating the supporting spokes to empty the structure in the middle of the wheels, and directly strengthen the rim frame.

the self-power generating system :
The power is generated while people cycle on the bicycle, and electricity is stored in the battery for LED illumination system.

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