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St. Stephen’s Cathedral – bio-structural system architecture

St. Stephen’s Cathedral – bio-structural system architecture

This is a cathedral project which is located in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the center of economic, religion and tourism in Vienna, Austria. Various types of layers were applied to accomplish the complexity of multiple social functions since the new cathedral is facing those complicated issues of social changes. In addition, this new design of St. Stephen’s Cathedral proposes possibilities of the very contemporary architectural form.    
The form manipulation is one of the main experimental issues to enter this project.
The processes discussed above is not only based on the belief in religion for architecture but also based on my belief in design of architecture.     

The beginning of the description, I would like to write a short story to define my belief.

“The sunlight through the stained glass plays on my face when I get off the subway.”

“I usually have a cup of coffee in the square while basking in cathedral hymns.”

“People pass through me to the theater”

"And I just take a seat in the nave for talking with god.”

"My religion is just my life.”
About form
St. Stephen Cathedral is characterized by the strong aesthetic form the structure. To pay tribute to the great architecture, my design concept starts with the original system of special structure; I extracted a column and point arch to analyze the composition and logic of structural line.

· Arch: the prototype is transformed with direction and decoration
· Column: twist the structural line, and embed the spaces in the different part of column, and then increase the density and scale of the structure. This language is applied in different situation in whole project.
A single column and an arch system were extended and applied to the whole building.

Choose a row of the structural system from cathedral to text the catalog.

About function

Complexity of multifunction
Cathedral – religion
Underground – traffic
Theater – art
Department store, coffee, plaza – business and tourism

- Sanctity in the space-
·  Isolation- the big opening in the site emphasis the holiness of god; distinguish the god from of human on the land.
·  the form of structure with direction- Continue the rising language from traditional structure and add twist to show a special feeling with unpredictable direction of the structure to present nobleness and greatness of god. 
· stained glass floor- The stained glass is the traditional element in cathedral design as window. In this project, it was converted into floor and applied primitive cross to be the new cathedral plane. People walk on the cross on stained glass floor with cautious attitude, and view through diverse space like train station and theater to make all space start to communicate with vision.     

 - The process of design-
· preserving the holiest special structure of cathedral, altar.
· transform from the old structure
· the growing structure into the basement
· the railway through the bottom
· plaza
· a huge opening surrounds whole structure and develops cross route of stained glass
· the tower structure
· sphere spaces
· the skin


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  2. 你好,我是台湾建筑系的学生,之前阅读SCI-ARC的作品,深受Steven Ma与Edward Kim与Foral的作品感动,看见楼主的作品,亦感到很惊艳,似乎楼主也找到属于自己的语汇了.有些对于Herman Diaz Alonso的设计方法的问题,想向楼主请教:之前看过Foral的动画,原以为其设计方式是以MAYA的骨架与变形器,去模拟生物​​的生长与变形,但似乎又不是一以贯之,中间有太多过程似乎无法以这样的操作生成了.想请问楼主这其中是有使用大量手动操作吗?还是以MAYA MEL去生成呢?而CELL,SKIN,SKELETON等等的单元,又是有何关联呢?(其实,我就是想了解Herman Diaz Alonso的设计方法),谢谢.

  3. 回的有點晚,不好意思...

  4. 哈哈,原來版大也是臺灣人阿(看到版大Blog都是簡中讓我誤解了).謝謝版大的回覆...看到版大的簡歷,才知道版大是維也納應用藝大的學生...我很想申請看看該校的MSc,想請教版大的經驗:
    Urban Strategies是Postgradute的課程嗎?是否有限制是五年制的建築學系?
    是申請上後再選STUDIO嗎?可以去聽MA(ZAHA,GREG LYNN)課嗎?
    問了這麼多,真是不好意思.不過在臺灣聽過這學校的似乎不多...(我也是在Total Fluidity這書上才知道原來這學校很不錯才認識的)希望版大能提供些幫忙,謝謝.

    1. urban strategies是Postgraduate的課程,他的下面還分了很多的課程,我念的叫Excessive,是一年左右的課程。你說的五年是他們的大學課程,zaha 他們是在那邊上課,但基本上大師很少來的。

    2. 謝謝你!!我也順利取得Urban Strategies Excessive Studio的入學許可了!!雖然只是萍水相逢,但你的幫助與回覆,給予了我申請向Hernan Diaz Alonso學習的決心。真的很謝謝你,並祝你新年快樂,一切順心!!

  5. simplismente espetacular